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   p1PVD Painting
     Chief goes to the trouble of importing a German large vacuum plating machine, robot painting machines, spindle line with automatic cleanroom, UV light solidifying painting equipment and injection machines with different tons. Chief specializes in keystrokes and knobs, automotive DVD plate, MP3 earphones, bowls of halogen lamp and caps of cosmetic bottle. All of them are light, thin, short and small, but of high precision



     Non conductive vacuum metallization ( NCVM) roots from the traditional vacuum coating, but it is better than the latter one. The procedure is more complex, so the deficient rate is a little bit higher


    p8Vacuum Coating
     Chief goes to the trouble of importing a German large scale vacuum plating machine, Japanese AnChun robot painting machines, 5-axis reciprocating painting machine, rotary painting equipments with automatic constant temperature and humidity, the class 10000 cleanroom, and the supersized UV producing line(1.6M). Chief specializes in the bright vacuum plating of automobiles large-scale 3C products, various of keystrokes and knobs, crusts of mobiles, cameras, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth carphones, and the bowls of halogen lamp. There is no pollution during the production (accord with the European ROHS requirement), low temperature and no deformation. Having being solidified by the UV light, the coated metal become wearable, scuffing-proof, with high rigidity, they can also match with different colors, which may have a strong footing in a market. To meet the stringent market demands, we started to produce the NCVM plating crusts of mobiles and some other EMI painting crusts at the end of 2004. Aiming at offering the most competitive price and products.

Vacuum Coating
Vacuum Coating

Painting Line

Auto painting machine
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