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p1Injection Molding
       1 Chief has 31 injection machines, among which the biggest one is 1600 tons and the smallest one is 35            tons.
       2. Large-scale machines: 1600T Taiwan Shuan Jan, 860T Japanese Nissel, specialize in the automotive            inner seats, vehicle-door ornaments, outer protecting bars etc.
       3. Medium-sized machines: 140T~280T Japanese Shini, and Toshiba, specialize in crusts of radio, DVD,             digital camera
       4. Small machines: 35T~80T Japanese shini. German Arburg, specialize in the high precision, such as:              mobile outer beystrole,knob.
  p1Secondary Processing
  This Taiwan Csun UV drier can make the UV painting become more wearable, and have better chemical proof character, which is definitely better than the conventional painting. This machine and process can make the products hardened in a shorter period without pollution
  The Japanese AnChun robot, Taiwan Guanwei 5-axis horizontal reciprocating machine, and the class 10000 constant temperature and humidity clean room specialize in painting the sophisticated products, such as: laptop, TV, refrigerator, automobile decorations, mobile crust.
  Assembly line can assemble high precision products, such as wired television receive, microphone. Lame house and various of computer bar code.
  Chief has the advanced texture and movable texture setting, which can produce plastic and hardware products, e.g mobile lens, keystroke, plating UV coating texture. They are wearable and can print with various special oils.
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