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Quality Assurance for Precision Injection Molds

APC's Partner is certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company and has decades of experience in performing to the highest quality assurance standards such as PPAP and First Article Inspection for automotive products.

APC's Partner uses stringent preventive maintenance schedules to insure optimum equipment efficiency, calibration and equipment utilization. The following equipment is a partial list of the measurement tools used daily to ensure accuracy.

● Brown and Sharpe Mistral 775 DCC CMM 
● Brown and Sharpe Global 555 DCC CMM 
● Computerized CPK Reports & SPC Charts 
● 1 Nikon MM-11 Measure Scope W/Quadra Check 2000 
● 2 ROI Sprint CNC300 12X12 Measuring Systems 
● Computrac MAX 2000 XL material moisture analyzer 
● 1 Bausch & Lomb Stereoscope 
● 2 Toolmakers Microscopes, Calipers, Indicators, Gage Pins, Blocks 
● Computer Process Monitoring System

TMM ERP/MRP software 
● MSA press production and scheduling system with real-time monitoring 
● Multiple Monitoring Terminals 
● Shotscope process monitoring systems on all presses 
● Computerized SPC, Capability Studies, Gage R&R, FMEA's, Control Plans and DOE.

APC's Partner Services

Our service include: Desiging and Engineering of plastic injection molds,blowing molds,die casting molds,aluminium molds,injecion molding part production,&blow molding part production.

We realize that your first impression of APC's Partner begins with the first contact. We are dedicated to responding to you request for information and quotation in a timely manner. You are guaranteed a response  within 24 hours of placing the request. We are here to discuss any potential applications and provide  recommendations for you.

In this ever faster paced world,at APC's Partner we demand form ourselves the ability to satisfy you in a quick, and correct fashion every time. This is starts with the inquiry and does not end with the on time delivery of 100% and fully accepted shipments, but ends when the mold has finished it's lifespan and is retired.

Communication is the key to understanding our customers and having them understand our capabilities. This is demonstrated with each new project that is placed with APC's Partner. We furnish you with a project timeline, outlining each step of the project and when it will be completed. This is updated every weeks to allow the customer and APC's Partner to chart the progress.

We are always pleased to have potential customers visit us and tour our facilities, Please contact us and we will be happy to help with the reservations and provide you with helpful information on navigationg through surrounding area.we are dedicated to making your visit a stress free experience.

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